2nd Paul Harris for Kathy O’Doherty

THE APPEARANCE of Rotary Foundation chair Liz Cullen was also a nice time to honor our member Kathy O’Doherty again!  Kathy was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow Award for her commitment and service to Rotary back on January 6, 2015 and received her second such award at last week’s meeting. Kathy made a financial donation to the Rotary Foundation after having some good luck recently at a Rotary leadership luncheon. She was the president of the club in 2013-2014. Again, she was accompanied by her husband Shaheen, who really enjoys the club, our members and was all smiles and picture-taking of this second presentation. Our Foundation Chair Bill Sullivan did the honors and did review some of Kathy’s many accomplishments, including her 30 years as the Head Librarian at the Woburn Public Library - the longest in the city’s  history. She has been a Rotarian since 1995. The award is Rotary Foundation’s way of saying “thanks” for her many humanitarian efforts. “In becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, Kathy joins a remarkable company of persons throughout the world, all recognized for their devotion to the ideals of goodwill, peace and understanding,” said Sullivan “This is a goal of Rotarians the world over and one I clearly share.” She was given a PaulHarris pin with one sapphire. “We heartily congratulate you and thank you for your commitment to Rotary Foundation programs,” concluded Bill Sullivan. She is currently the secretary of the club.